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Calgary expo was fun!

I’ve been away from the shop for a bit, to help my girlfriend out at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. She’s an artist and we we’re selling stuff at a table in the artist’s alley.

This was a much bigger (and better) expo than what we are used to in Winnipeg! There were more people and everyone in Calgary was so nice. It was a good time..

We stayed at the Hotel Arts and it was not nearly what we had expected.. the website promises whirlpool tub and other amenities for which it did not deliver.. at all!.. not even toothpaste! oh well at least we got it at a good expo rate.

Saturday we were awakened at 2:00am by a fire alarm.. being on the 12th floor I grabbed my girlfriend and we made a dash down all 12 flights of stairs.. being shoeless and sockless and wearing very minimal clothing we waited outside for about 45 minutes in -3’C weather before we were allowed back in.. it turns out some joker was fooling around with a fire extinguisher that caused a 5-alarm alert. good times..

The hotel didn’t even offer any discount or anything lol.. I guess that’s not too surprising..

All in all it was good times, but I’m glad that we’re back in Winnipeg. Now I’m back to the shirt designing and marketing and all that fun stuff. giddeeup 🙂


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Switching PODs

I have used Cafepress to sell my products, and now I’m in the transition of changing over due to the fact that they have implemented a cap of 10% commission that you may earn on products you sell on the marketplace. I feel that .. actually I know that I can make more money on Zazzle. They have nicer shirts anyway!

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More shirt Additions!

I was inspired to make a D&D shirt and a new Mother’s Day design:

All-Star Mom

Saving throw vs. Stupid


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Billishirts for kids!

I had an idea for a couple of kids designs.. please comment!

I watch PG-13 Movies

Future Heartbreaker

Watch out! I spit up!


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Flood Relief

It is almost summertime, and with that comes the flooding.. fortunately I live in an area that is far enough away to not be affected.. many people however are not so lucky.  I have made a flood design in effort to assist with the flood relief fund. Here is the design

2009 Flood Tour shirt

For every shirt sold $1 will go to assisting those affected by the flood. For every long sleeve shirt/sweatshirt, I will donate $2.

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New straight Edge Design

Since I have been getting lots of search engine queries on my site, I decided to make a new straight edge design:

Check it out here

Please let me know what you think!

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Susan Boyle

Who is this woman? She’s an amazing singer on Britain’s got talent. If you haven’t already seen her, check out her performance on youtube. Check out the facial expression of the people before, during and after the performance!
Susan Boyle

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Billishirts.com now online!

I finally went ahead and registered my own domain Billishirts.com! I decided to go through godaddy because I have had good experiences with them in the past!

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