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Transition over to Zazzle

Well, we’re about 50% done our transition over to Zazzle as our primary POD.  The decision to switch over was a no brainer – The primary focus of what we sell is t-shirts. And through looking at what Zazzle has, and with much of the same testimony, it looks like the shirts are better quality, there’s more variety in terms of styles and colors, not to mention they’re cheaper! In cost of course, not quality.

Not only that, but the commission made is also a wider margin. For example, if someone buys a shirt from Cafepress, for the same cost to the customer, I would get a $4 commission whereas if I sell a shirt through Zazzle (at a lower cost to the customer than CP), we get more commission – just recently I sold a straight edge design and made almost $8. That’s the equivalent of having to sell 2 off CP.

Another nice thing is that since starting the transition over to zazzle, and without even fully optimizing the site for search engines, I have earned a google PR of 2. Not the greatest, but the site has only been up for just over a month!

More updates to follow as they become available! (and as I have the time) 🙂

May 29, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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