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sales picking up!

Not sure if its because Christmas is coming or if the recession is almost over, but sales are picking up! Thanks for your support!


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Big changes

We’re pleased to announce imminent big changes to Billishirts.com! Keep an eye on the site because the changes will be gradual, rather than sudden! Sales have picked up again, but we’re going to be modifying the site to provide a better customer experience.. not only with new designs, but actual changes to the site as well!

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Hot Environmentally themed T-shirt Design

Thanks to a customer yesterday who purchased 11 of these shirts!!

2009 Recycling Team Ringer T-Shirt

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New designs

sXe Skull

For heavy metal fans

Strangers give the best candy

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Google Page Rank

How important is it really? I have noticed that my tshirt site now has a page ranking of 3 up from 2 last month. For some reason this blog which dosen’t get a lot of external activity has a PR of 1.. does it carry any clout? I guess we will find out! I think the reason that I have gotten a PR3 just because of my reciprocal links with other websites through sites like linkpartners.com.

Last month we made just under $70 and hopefully we will beat that for July. So far we’ve started out pretty slow with a sole sale from zazzle and nothing yet from CP. I’m not fretting though because there’s still a lot of the month left. I have also tried raising my markup slightly since it was mentioned that perhaps my prices were a little too low.  Customer’s want value, and they don’t necessarily care about cost if they are getting good value for their money.

We shall see what the month has in store for Billishirts – hopefully it will bring lots of commissions!

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Billishirts on youtube

Come check us out on youtube! we made 2 promotional videos. I know next to nothing about producing videos, but I thought I would play around with movie maker and the results (although novice) seem to be attracting a little bit of traffic.. and they were fun to make! 🙂

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Sales are starting to roll in !

So it seems as though my efforts are starting to pay off.. literally! Although not enough to quit my full time job, we’re starting to make enough money to use towards more advertising campaigns! Thank you very much to everyone who has contirbuted!

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Billishirts for kids!

I had an idea for a couple of kids designs.. please comment!

I watch PG-13 Movies

Future Heartbreaker

Watch out! I spit up!


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Flood Relief

It is almost summertime, and with that comes the flooding.. fortunately I live in an area that is far enough away to not be affected.. many people however are not so lucky.  I have made a flood design in effort to assist with the flood relief fund. Here is the design

2009 Flood Tour shirt

For every shirt sold $1 will go to assisting those affected by the flood. For every long sleeve shirt/sweatshirt, I will donate $2.

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